How to decor your church for your wedding day

How to decor your church for your wedding day

The difference in one major way between how we do weddings now and how they used to be done is, to put it simply, themes. Where once there was a hotchpotch approach to the day in terms of each component part of the wedding operating on a separate platform, nowadays the overall look, colour and style apply to every aspect of the big day, and this is what is now referred to as the theme of the wedding.

While on the surface is may seem to be quite a big ask to keep all the elements in mind when you are coping with all the various aspects on the planning front, it can and often does make it exceedingly simpler if you stay with the already agreed format. For example, if your theme is romantic, with a colour scheme of pinks and golds to compliment your off-white gown, then so many of the decisions around the venue, food, flowers, music will become a lot easier to manage. But the one that will still require a lot of thought and some help will be the wedding decorations you choose for your wedding day ceremony and celebrations.

Wedding is a bridal site that has been set up out of first-hand experience and knowledge of just how difficult it can be to get this side of the event perfect. We will provide all our registered brides with a long list of all the areas that will require a little bit of decorative though, and show you how you can carry your theme right through your event, right down to the detail on the table napkins.

The first area to demand attention is, of course, the church, and here is where if you put in a little extra effort you will be repaid a thousand times over. The flowers and decorative features you use in the church will be recorded forever in your wedding photos and video. Equally importantly they will be scrutinised by your guests for the best part of an hour while they sit through the ceremony, so it’s vital that you get it right here.

The wedding venue if often an easier task, as you will find that a lot of hotels now have wedding coordinators who will be on hand to advise on all the different aspects of your wedding decorations. Even so, you should still take charge yourself so that you get exactly what you want for your wedding day and wedding will be an uncomplaining aide in all of this, with both advice and understanding.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience and you really do want it to be as good as is possible on the day, so don’t take any chances. Log onto wedding and make what is special even more so with our help.

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